1776 Mug

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This will instantly become the only mug you drink your cold ones out of. No better way to relax after a hard work day or enjoy your weekend while thinking about how tasty Freedom is.

  • 16oz Tankard Mug
  • Glass made in Ohio
  • Printed in Michigan with Eco-Friendly ink

For best results and a lasting mug please hand wash

Made in USA

Reviews (1)

How awesome can a mug really be.... let me tell you!

Written by Ethan Weeldreyer on Mar 1st 2018

This mug right here, is the best. I have honestly replaced virtually every cup I own with one of these. They are built like a brick house. The oldest one I have has endured at least 75 trips through my sink, and the graphic is still at present as it was when it came out of the box. I can honestly say that I recommend this mug to anyone that wants something to spruce up their bar, man cave, or typical cupboard. They rock, through and through, and that's all there really is to it.