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Section Collection helps Sgt. Alex Shaw.

The community came together in support of Sergeant Alex Shaw and his wife Grace. These two just lost a child on February 3rd so a fundraiser was held at Maestros Pizza to raise money for the family. All of the money will be used to help them get into a house that is better suited for themselves and their two handsome boys. We presented them with a packet of information from Kalamazoo Mortgage, who will be setting up an appointment to begin the process of getting them approved to buy a home. Mr. Adam Atwood will be the realtor helping them find the home they deserve.

I was able to donate a check for $1,000 from the Section Collection 501(c)(3) non-profit to help as a down payment. To top it all off Mattawan Landscaping Supply has donated an entire Rosetta Stone Patio to be installed at their new home! I met with the owner who gave me brochures and information that I gave to the Shaw's. This picture of me on the patio is what a Rosetta stone patio looks like....absolutely amazing.
I cannot thank each and every single person/business enough that stepped up to help this family in such a tragic time. Together we can lighten the load and help relieve a little stress for a family as they begin to heal. This is what makes America and our communities the best in the world. We stick together.