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Section Collection Teams Up with Van Buren County Reserves

In late July, Van Buren County Sheriff Reserve Lieutenant Walter Grech reached out to us requesting we help them spread word of their recently formed non-profit in order to raise funds for their Sheriff Reserve division. The Sheriff reserve division of is made up of about 30 sworn-in officers that volunteer their time, aside from their typical 9-5 jobs to help keep the community safe. Therefor, the equipment they use is typical handed down and typically anywhere from 15-20 years in age and use. Can you imagine using a bulletproof vest that is possibly 20+ years old when in the heat of apprehending an armed suspect? Not ideal. Usually when these reserve officers upgrade equipment, it comes at their own expense. Hence, why they created the non-profit so that they could take donations from the public to help with their funds. 

Where do we come into the picture? Well, this is a prime example why we do what it is we do. Our mission is to give back to those who have risked their life, or are currently in the line of duty protections our Country, let alone out city streets. Of course, without a doubt we were happy to help get the word out of their recently formed non-profit. Not only did we do that, but we led the way and set an example by donating $3,000 to the Sheriff Reserve division to help them with the purchase of new equiptment for their department. When we met with the department to go over how the funds would be spent, we asked if there was anything else they required. They touched on their bulletproof vests, which were past the time of needing replacement. 2 weeks went by, and the shot us a quote for what that would costs, upwards of $13,000 nearly... A week later we presented them with another check for $10,000 to help purchase those vest, 20 of them. When there is a need for assistance, we fulfilled our calling by doing what it is we set out to - reinforcing our Countries greatest heroes by supporting them and letting them know that they do not stand alone - the community they they protect day in and day out stands right there beside them. The Section Collection along side with Section 1776, are humbled and proud to Back the Blue. The funds donated to the Sheriffs department is a direct representation of the support we have received through our community and the events we have hosted throughout 2019. It could not have been accomplished without the publics support of our mission!