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Section Nation inspiring today's youth.

Another inspirational story for you!

Yesterday I spent some time at the Van Buren Technology Center (Vo-Tech) located in Lawrence, Michigan. This facility provides students with an incredible opportunity to work in the "trades" fields they are interested in and get hands on, project based work experience.

A student, Tyler Barden, chose to use the Section logo for one of his projects because he was inspired by what the logo means and the power the brand carries. He went to work and made a monster sized, exact replica of the logo. It was so big he had to use multiple pieces of plastic and carefully measure each one to get the exact dimensions correct. The final project was 8 feet wide and 4 feet tall.

I had a chance to visit not only with Tyler, but with his teachers as well. They said they were very proud of his hard work and extremely supportive of the company and all it stands they ALLOWED TYLER TO BOLT IT TO THE WALLS OF THE SCHOOL.

Yes, this massive Section logo is forever a part of their school and is on display for all to see. Once again, this company is inspiring today's youth and being used as a model for professionalism and patriotism.

Huge thank you to Van Buren Technology Center and it's staff for what you guys are doing over there. You are not only training the next generation work force, but our next group of leaders as well. Thank you all very much.

Tyler, keep doing great things. Your time to lead has only just begun. Semper Fi.