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Section wins STATE!!!

Here's a great story for you!

Section proud.
Yesterday I had the honor of meeting Thomas Dowsett, a junior at Decatur High School in Southwest Michigan. A little over a month ago Thomas reached out through his teacher and asked permission to use my company logo for a school project he wanted to do. He is also a student at VoTech, a technical school in Lawrence. I said SURE!!!
Starting with a huge block of acrylic, Thomas got to work using CNC and a hand dremel. All in all he spent 240 hours on the project and even a trip to the hospital! While working on it, and wearing a mask, a small piece of plastic shot into his eye which he had to have medical professionals remove! But the story gets better....

Thomas entered the final piece into competition through the Michigan Industrial & Technology Education Society. His first competition was at Regionals where he took 2nd place! Top 4 from this moved onto State competition.....where Thomas's project took FIRST IN THE STATE!!!
There are a few amazing pieces of this story that need to be highlighted.
1st) Thomas was inspired to use the Section 1776 logo because of what it stands for and represents.
2nd) School faculty allowed him to use this logo for a project....because they ALSO know what it stands for and represents. (not too many brands can say that...)
3rd) Thomas spent 240 hours and a trip to the hospital to complete his amazing project.
4) Section 1776 logo took home the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP due to Thomas's incredible craftsmanship.

I was lucky enough to hang out with Thomas and personally shake his hand to congratulate him. He said he has plans on going to school at Ferris State....and that graduation couldn't come fast enough! I also quizzed him on what each dimension of the logo means and he NAILED it.


Section Nation, we should all be proud. We are supporting something that is inspiring todays youth to be a part of. Something so pure, professional and clean that it is able to be a part of their high schools. This is what sets us apart from many other brands.


The second we put that logo on we ARE held to a high standard. We set the example for others to follow. Never forget that. Thank you all so much for believing in the idea behind Section 1776. We are making a difference. 

Congratulations Thomas!

Stay American,
Matthew McDaid