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This is the first shirt we have ever opened up for people to name. We had hundreds of names come in but instantly "Summit" caught my eye. I like this name for many reasons. First, it takes hard work to reach the summit of a mountain. One must train mentally and physically in order to reach the highest point....and this is the same in life. We should all strive to reach our personal summit every day.

Second, it also means a "meeting of heads of state". We may not all be heads of state but I like the thought of when someone in the Section Nation sees someone else wearing gear they feel comfortable walking up to them and introducing themselves. This brand is all about a sense of pride, community and purpose. If you see someone wearing the summit...or any other Section gear...go shake their hand and have your "summit" with them. That is what the brand is all about.

***We only have a handful in stock ready to ship. The first orders will get a tracking number within 24 hours. Every other order is a pre-order and can expect to see their tracking number within 7-10 days. 
  • Made in USA
  • Unisex fit
  • 100% cotton

Reviews (6)

As always

Written by Andrew H. on Jun 28th 2018

Awesome shirt, and I get to help vetrans buying it. Win win

Best Shirts out there!

Written by Daniel Lubbers on May 31st 2018

Love the comfort and feel of Section's shirts. Lightweight and soft, but very high quality. Best of all, Made in the USA! Worth every penny over cheap "budget" shirts, and the design is awesome. People comment on it all the time. Well Done Section 1776!

Summit T

Written by larry bernauer on Mar 24th 2018

Very comfortable, soft t-shirt. Appreciate the quick shipment, good customer service. Thank you for a "MADE IN USA" t-shirt. Love the simple printed 'label'.

The summit

Written by Jenn on Feb 6th 2018

Softest fabric, very good quality, loved it so much went and purchased the *section nation* hoodie at feild and stream in kazoo, now available for in store purchase, I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for true american quality clothing with a great cause

Love our shirts

Written by Noelle on Dec 16th 2017

I bought this shirt for my husband last summer and two thin blue line shirts recently and the material and fit are perfect and exactly what I look for in a tee shirt!


Written by Courtney Lewis on Dec 12th 2017

Always fast shipping, great quality, and very soft!